Expertise In The Most Critical Areas…


We help organizations integrate agile processes, cloud computing, and automation to accelerate development, testing, and deployment for web-based applications and embedded systems.


Cybersecurity is embedded in everything we do. No matter how high the compliance bar, Konture has the expertise to secure your infrastructure and applications.

Data science

Data is at the core of every business’ success. We help our customers integrate disparate data sources in real time, and develop advanced analytics and machine learning models.

Custom Software

Konture can help build high performance applications for web and mobile targets.

Across Multiple Domains

Business and Consumer Applications

Aerospace and Embedded Systems

We’re Committed To Using Industry-Leading Technology

Scott Crespo, President

AWS Certified Solutions Architect & Software Engineer


Thank you for your interest in Konture Technology Services. I began Konture in 2017 to offer tools and services that solve some of the most complex challenges facing organizations that are under pressure to deliver better, safer, and more secure technology at a faster pace than ever before.

Our team of experts in key technology verticals are here to help integrate agile processes, cybersecurity, DevOps, cloud computing, and data science into a holistic solution that yields the highest possible ROI for organizations both large and small.

If you’re looking to transform your organization into an agile, automation-enabled, rapid-delivery machine, then you’ve come to the right place.